Fleet & Vehicle Branding

Reaching thousands of people every day, vehicle and fleet branding is both a high-impact and cost-effective way of promoting a brand, product or service. As Graffiti’s flagship service offering, the company currently brands in excess of 800 vehicles a month.
Through its innovative in-house design department, Graffiti is able to conceptualise a brand new design or alternatively we can take an existing design and roll it out over an entire fleet of vehicles.

Utilising the latest technology and high-quality materials, a simple creative concept or branding idea is transformed into an artwork of uncompromising quality, ready to be applied to clients’ vehicles.

Fleet Branding

Your fleet is one of your most visible and important marketing tools providing you with large-scale, mobile advertising space at no cost.

If you owned billboard space, surely you would not leave this space blank? In addition to enhancing your corporate identity through branding standardisation and consistency, branding your fleet you will afford you the opportunity of the large-scale brand and product awareness totally rent-free.

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