Nu Metro Films has elected to utilise transit media and vehicle branding specialist, Graffiti’s branded bus offering to showcase their latest movie releases. The entertainment giant has for the past nine months made use of Graffiti’s branded buses in Cape Town and Durban, to generate interest surrounding the launch of a number of the year’s biggest motion picture attractions.

Nu Metro Films Marketing Consultant for Warner Bros. Pictures, Nasrin Sayed explains the decision to go with bus advertising, “The buses afforded us an unconventional outlet with which to promote our new releases. In Cape Town and Durban, where we don’t have large-scale billboard advertising, the branded vehicles provided us with an eye-catching and effective out-of-home medium to help attract attention and create hype around the various new movie premieres.”

The bus advertising feeds into Nu Metro Films’ broader advertising campaigns, serving to reinforce the TV, print and online elements. To date, the company has utilised the bus wraps to advertise the likes of hit movies such as The Hobbit, The Croods, The Great Gatsby, Epic and the newly-launched Man of Steel, with the much-anticipated Wolverine soon to follow.

Comments Graffiti Managing Director John Rice, “The Nu-Metro Films bus advertising is always impactful and exciting, just by virtue of the movies they choose to feature on the vehicles. This is an excellent example of a brand that really suits the medium: the big screen suits a big advertising medium and, as a result of the scale of the advertising and the uniqueness of the medium, people can’t help but notice it.”