Petroleum brand Caltex has once again chosen to utilise Graffitis branded cab medium, to showcase its Techron fuel brand and participation in the new Standard Bank UCount customer rewards programme. This is the fifth cab fleet to be branded by the vehicle branding and transit media specialist for Chevron South Africa in recent years. click to enlarge The new cab campaign includes 25 vehicles across Johannesburg and Pretoria which have been branded with Graffitis unique “Top, Tail & Supersedes” advertising option. Each vehicle is emblazoned with the well-known Caltex with Techron® branding, whilst at the same time communicating the UCount offer on the back of the vehicle and the illuminated Taxi Top on the vehicle roof.

Commenting on the decision to go with this specific branding alternative, Chevron South Africa Brand and Convenience Store Alliance Manager, Jill Koopman says, “The new Top, Tail and Supersedes Techron® creative looks exactly like full vehicle branding, but works out to be a more affordable vehicle branding option. And incorporating the illuminated Taxi Tops means that the branding is also visible at night, which ensures 24-hour impact.”

Standard Banks unique UCount rewards partnership allows UCount members to collect R1 back in reward points for every litre of fuel they purchase from Caltex service stations until 31 December 2013.

Koopman explains the decision to use branded cabs again to support the launch of this particular initiative, “Caltex has had a long association with Graffitis branded cabs and over time they have proven to be an extremely effective advertising medium. Their distinctive, eye-catching nature makes them an impactful out-of-home advertising alternative and the ideal option with which to generate interest and participation in the new rewards programme.”

The branded fleet also provides a unique opportunity for Caltex in that the fuel product and the vehicle advertising medium have such a closely-linked association – not only are the vehicles branded with Caltex with Techron® branding, they run on Caltex fuel too.

Graffiti Managing John Rice explains, “Caltex has a unique advantage when it comes to the cab advertising medium in that the brand has the obvious link to vehicles. Not only are they able to brand the cab fleet, but they are able to operate the fleet entirely on Caltex fuel, showing the effectiveness of their product whilst at the same time conveying their advertising message.”

The Caltex UCount cab advertising campaign forms part of a much broader national communications campaign, which also incorporates TV, radio, cinema and out of home advertising elements.

Ends Koopman, “The cabs have the dual function of carrying our well-known Caltex with Techron® branding whilst at the same time reinforcing the UCount messaging conveyed on all the other communication platforms. And with their attention-grabbing branding, theyre likely to attract a great deal of attention.”