Road users around the country have reported sightings of a massive moving cat making its way through their towns and cities. This giant feline is actually the iconic PUMA logo, which has been emblazoned across a modified luxury bus better known as PUMAs Gear Box – a fully equipped, mobile sports lifestyle store. click to enlarge First launched in 2010, PUMAs Gear Box offers fans across the country the opportunity to shop onboard the customised vehicle. This mobile retail store recently received a facelift at the hands of vehicle branding and transit media specialists, Graffiti. The converted Mercedes Lux Liner sports a colossal white PUMA logo across the side of the eye-catching red vehicle.

Comments PUMA South Africa Marketing Director, Brett Bellinger, “The PUMA Gear Box has played a large part in allowing us to interact with PUMA fans and customers around the country. It is obviously important for the vehicle to be recognisable and to create hype wherever it goes, and the new-look branding certainly goes a long way towards achieving this.”

Graffiti Director Gavin Schlaphoff adds, “The PUMA Gear Box generated excitement from the minute it arrived in our workshop to be rebranded! Its a fantastic concept and the striking branding really does stand out on the roads. Graffiti has wrapped numerous PUMA vehicles over the years and the brand always succeeds in attracting a great deal of attention.”

Ends Bellinger, “People are truly amazed by the enormous moving cat and when they actually get inside the vehicle they are blown away by the full extent of the converted vehicle, complete with DJ decks and rack upon rack of PUMA gear. The branding serves as an excellent draw card to get people to be part of the PUMA Gear Box experience.”

For more information on vehicle branding and transit media, contact Gavin Schlaphoff at Graffiti on (011) 691 8400/08 or via e-mail at az.oc.itiffarg@nivag .